Learn how to create, and manage your crypto transactions with Bitpowr API.


A transaction represents an instance in which crypto moves into or out of a wallet. This could be a transfer from one account to another, a purchase online, etc. Each transaction belongs to only one account.


  • You can filter out transactions based on crypto address.
  • You can retrieve a transaction history.
  • You can filter out transactions based on accountId.
  • You can create a transaction.
  • You can filter out transactions based on assetsId.
  • You can create a transaction estimate.
  • You can filter out transactions based on the transaction hash.

API Object

This transactions endpoint provides the following object on success:

  "status": "success",
  "data": [
      "uid": "ae866891-9629-4bbf-85c0-9753ebbf57c9",
      "status": "PENDING",
      "type": "DEPOSIT",
      "walletId": "ae866891-9629-4bbf-85c0-9753ebbf57c9",
      "depositId": "a445054b-c3ea-42d2-8127-42c417b84c4a",
      "transferId": null,
      "address": "mzkmRQ92ocHhMEsdBnFsTd9sV7po9NeWfN",
      "hash": "1b6dff5b430a8b0b4bc604a23dda5aa4d7979dd11dbc25d9345bd88889ad8297",
      "confirmation": 0,
      "transactionRef": "TRX-E8qVYTYAZm$16qaBcFL4qjgD7k9Su#",
      "description": null,
      "amount": "0.45",
      "dollarRate": "33715.32",
      "dollarAmount": "15171.894",
      "assetId": "7bc33e73-5fd8-4647-aaef-75ca793cc35d",
      "accountId": "326b47a1-da25-45e9-af9f-ae3e440ea7f4",
      "createdAt": "2021-06-23T21:17:08.761Z",
      "completedAt": null,
      "cancelledAt": null

Transaction Fields

statusStringA string that describes the state of the request.
dataArrayThis is an array of objects which contains every transaction data.
data.uidStringA unique identifier tied to this particular transaction.
data.statusStringA descriptive message to depict the state of the transaction, can be PENDING, SUCCESS, or FAILED.
data.typeStringThis is type of transaction be it DEPOSIT or CREDIT.
data.walletIdStringA unique identifier of the wallet that initiated the transaction.
data.depositIdStringA unique identifier that depicts the that type of transaction was a deposit.
data.transferIdStringA unique identifier that is tied to a transfer transaction.
data.addressStringA unique identifier of the address that initiated the transaction.
data.hashStringThis refers to a string used to validate the authenticity and integrity of the transaction
data.confirmationIntegerA measure of how many blocks have actually passed since a transaction was added to a blockchain.
data.transactionRefStringAn alpha numeric string assigned to a transaction for tracking purposes.
data.descriptionStringThis refers to the narration or extra details that is attached to the said transaction.
data.amountIntegerThe monetary amount of the transaction in lowest denomination e.g USD
data.dollarRateIntegerThe rate of dollar to BTC, at the time of transaction
data.assetIdStringA unique identifier of the crypto asset used in the transaction.
data.accountIdStringA unique identifier of the account during a transaction.
data.createdAtStringA generated timestamp created when a transaction commences.
data.completedAtStringA generated timestamp when a transaction is completed.
data.cancelledAtStringA generated timestamp when a transaction is cancelled.

Transaction Methods

Our Transactions resource provides you with detailed transactional information.

We offer the following methods when it comes to interacting with Transactions:

List TransactionsGETThis endpoints allows you to get and filter transactions in your account using accountId,assetId, address, hash, asset field.
Create TransactionPOSTThis endpoints allows you create transactions.
Get TransactionGETThis endpoints allows you retrieve transaction by id.
Create EstimatePOSTThis endpoint allows you to get transaction estimates.