Learn how to create, and manage your crypto assets with Bitpowr API.


The assets resources help, manage, create and access the balance and transaction of assets in your Bitpowr wallet.


  • You can retrieve the balance of the current asset in an account or wallet
  • You can create an asset.
  • You can list any assets transaction details.
  • You can retrieve the details of an asset.
  • You can list or retrieve associated accounts related to any specific assets.

API Object

  "status": "success",
  "message": "success",
  "data": {
    "uid": "49e090c7-1570-4bd1-8710-20e7139b34f5",
    "label": "Litecoin",
    "isDeleted": false,
    "isArchived": false,
    "organizationId": "91f55ca6-c413-4ee8-9c4e-197bf9533350",
    "accountId": "bfbb4394-fd3b-4054-a821-42b6e7827194",
    "assetType": "LTC",
    "network": "TESTNET",
    "mode": "TEST",
    "enableAutoForwarding": false,
    "autoForwardAddress": null,
    "createdAt": "2021-08-18T17:16:35.926Z",
    "balance": {
      "received": "0.00",
      "sent": "0.00",
      "balance": "0.00",
      "pending": "0.00",
      "blocked": "0.00"

Assets Fields

statusStringA string that describes the state of the request.
messageStringA descriptive text of the status of the operation
dataStringThis is an array of objects which contains every address data.
data.uidStringA unique identifier tied to this particular address.
data.labelStringA tag name of the assets, similar to the assets name.
data.isDeletedBooleanThis refers to whether the account can be deleted or not.
data.isArchivedBooleanThis refers to whether the account can be archived or not.
data.organizationIdStringA unique identifier of the organization.
data.accountIdStringA unique identifier of the account.
data.assetTypeStringThis refers to the type of crypto asset the account is associated.
data.networkStringThis refers to the type of network. It could be MAINNET, TESTNET`, etc.
data.modeStringThis involves the state of the network, it could be in test or production.
data.enableAutoForwardingBooleanThis enables auto-forwarding of the account.
data.autoForwardAddressBooleanThis checks if the account has be auto-forwarded.
data.createdAtStringA generated timestamp at account creation
data.balanceStringThis is an array of objects which contains every balance data.
data.balance.receivedStringThis is the balance received in the account.
data.balance.sentStringThis is the balance sent from the account.
data.balance.balanceStringThis refers to the current balance in the account after a transaction.
data.balance.pendingStringThis refers to whether a transaction is pending in an account
data.balance.blockedStringThis involves the state at which all account permissions and privilege is withheld from the owner, due to a violation.

Assets Methods

Our Assets resource provides you with detailed assets information, such as being able to create assets, get assets balance, transaction and accounts.

We offer the following methods when it comes to interacting with the Assets API:

Create assetsPOSTCreate assets using this endpoint
List assets accountsGETYou can retrieve all the assets details in account using this endpoint.
List assetsGETYou can retrieve a specific asset details in account using this endpoint.
Retrieve assets balanceGETYou can retrieve the assets balance contained in a wallet using this endpoint.
Retrieve assets transactionGETYou can retrieve the transaction details of an asset using this endpoint.