Managing Team Members

In this guide, you will learn how to invite new users and grant them access to wallets within your organization.

How to Invite a New User

  1. Access your account on the dashboard by logging in with your credentials.

  2. At the bottom left of your dashboard, locate the submenu and select the Team option from the submenu.

  3. On the Teams page, click on the Invite User button to invite a new user.

    Invite User
  4. Provide User Details:

    • Enter the new user's email address.

    • Enter the new user's full name.

    • Select the role for the new user (e.g., Admin, Approver, Member).

      Provide User Details

  5. Once you're done, click on the Create button to create the user account.

How to Grant User Account Access

  1. In the Team section, find and select the user you want to grant account access to.

    Select User
  2. Naviagte to the Acount tab and click on the Grant Account Access button.

    Grant Account Access

  3. You'll be prompted to choose the wallet you want to add the user to from the list of available wallets within your organization.

    Add User to Wallet
  4. Click on the Continue button to grant access to the selected wallet.

NOTE: Ensure that the current user has the necessary permissions to invite new users and grant access to wallets.