Sub Accounts

Learn more about sub accounts and how to manage users wallet

A Sub Account is an alias child account associated with your main Account or Wallet. It can also be referred to as a Child Wallet. The primary purpose of a Sub Account is to manage your users' wallet addresses.


Sub accounts can only be created via the API.

Sub AccountMain Account
Serves as an alias or child account associated with the main Account or Wallet.The primary account or parent account and created directly through the platform or service.
Often referred to as a Child Wallet.
Primarily used to manage wallet addresses for users.
Typically holds the main balance and performs high-level management.
Created exclusively via the API.Manages multiple Sub Accounts.

Creating Sub Accounts


  • A Bitpowr account with an API key
  • A tool for making API calls, such as Postman or cURL

To create a Sub Account, follow these steps:

  1. HTTP Method: POST
  2. URL:{uid}/sub-accounts
    • Replace {uid} with the actual UID of the parent account. For example:
  3. Headers:
    • Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY (replace with your actual API key)
    • Content-Type: application/json
  4. Body (JSON format):
        "name": "Your Sub Account Name",   // Replace with the desired name  
        "externalId": "unique_string",    // Replace with a unique string  
        "autoGenerateAddress": true,      // Optional, set to true to automatically generate addresses  
        "metaData": {  
          // Additional data if needed  

API Reference

You can view the API reference for working with Transactions