Get your API Key

Before you can start making API request to Bitpowr Developer API, you need to get access to Bitpowr Dashboard and get your public key and secret key.

New to Bitpowr? Get access to Bitpowr.

Once you have access to Bitpowr, log in and head over to your API Keys page, by clicking on the Developer Sidebar Menu and clicking on API Keys. There you will find your API Keys.

On this page, you will only be able to see your Public Key while the Secret Key can only be viewed once during creation. You can also get it from the email sent to you when you create a new API Key.

You can always create a new API Key by using the Reset API Key button to reset your current API key and create fresh new keys.

Once your create your Bitpowr account, you have access to three kinds of API keys:

API Keys
Secret Key - Your secret key is very important and are meant to be private at all times. It can only be gotten once from Bitpowr
Public Key - Your public keys are used to identify your requests in API requests or public scenerios like SDKs, and Frontend Javascript code
SDK token - A npmrc token used to install the Bitpowr Node SDK from our Private Package registry

Notes: Your API key determines what environments, modes and networks you want to connect with via our developer API/SDK. You can read more about Environment here