Get your API Key

Before making API requests to Bitpowr Developer API, you need to access the Bitpowr Dashboard and get your public and secret keys.

New to Bitpowr?

Get access to Bitpowr.

Once you create your Bitpowr account, you have access to three kinds of API keys:

API Keys
Secret Key - Your secret key is important and must always be private. It can only be gotten once from Bitpowr.
Public Key - Your public keys are used to identify your requests in API requests or public scenarios like SDKs and Frontend Javascript code.

Access your API keys

To access your API Keys on Bitpowr, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Developer Sidebar Menu.
  2. Click API keys
  3. Copy your API Keys.

On this page, you can only see your Public Key.


Keep in mind that the Secret Key is only visible once during creation or can be retrieved from the email sent to you when you create a new API Key.

If needed, you can always create a fresh API Key using the Reset API Key button.



Your API key determines what environments, modes and networks you want to connect with via our developer API/SDK. You can read more about Environment here