There are two modes of environment on Bitpowr:

  1. Live Mode: This is basically where your real money, transactions, blockchain mainnet interactions and data resides. Should be used when you have gone live and dealing with real money
  2. Test Mode: No real money is involved here and should only be used for development purposes.

You can easily switch between Live and Test mode via the toggle button at top right corner of our dashboard. Bitpowr API Key is uniquely tied to the mode you are on. So when you switch mode, you should be able to see the API keys created for that particular environment. Test keys will have always have test_ prefix.

If you are in development phase, the TEST environment should be used to build and test your implementation. In the TEST environment , can make api request to all the endpoints, and implement webhooks - just the same as with the Live environment!

By default, we support MAINNET and TESTNET of every blockchains we have integrated and you can automatically connect to it base on the environment you are on.

Blockchain Networks
Mainnet -
Mainnet is the real production/live blockchain and network that contains the real monetary value. This is used in contrast with testnet networks. Unlike the other networks, which are used for testing purposes, mainnet coins, e.g (BTC) have a monetary value.
Testnet - Testnet is an instance of a blockchain-powered by the same or a newer version of the underlying software, to be used for testing, it doesn't have a monetary value. Examples of testnet we connect to base on the blockchain: testnet, sepolia, shasta, mumbai, devnet.

Faucet Testnet

In order to test webhooks for receiving transactions in the TEST environment, you will need to use a faucet to be able to get testnet tokens or coins. These are worthless tokens/coins with no real money and are purposely use for testing.

We have collated a list of public faucets that you can use to receive tokens across multiple chains. You can find the list here. You can also find Bitpowr faucet here.

What’s Next