The Bitpowr API offers two distinct environments for facilitating transactions: the test and live mode.

In the test mode, transactions are simulated for testing purposes and do not involve real money. Conversely, the live mode enables real transactions with actual monetary values.

Bitpowr API keys are tightly coupled to the operating environment. This means you'll utilize the test key in the test environment and vice versa.

Distinguishing between the two API keys is straightforward: the test API key is identifiable by the test_ prefix.


Switching between environments

You can easily switch between Live and Test mode via the toggle button at top right corner of our dashboard.

  1. Test Environment

The test environment utilizes simulated data to replicate possible transactions with the Bitpowr API.

Within the test environment, you can make API requests to all endpoints and implement webhooks as you would in the live environment.

  1. Live Environment

The live environment is where actual transactions with real money take place.

Transactions conducted here have real financial implications and should be used only when you are certain you intend to transact with actual figures.

Blockchain Networks

By default, we support MAINNET and TESTNET of every blockchains we have integrated and you can automatically connect to it base on the environment you are on.

Mainnet, short for "Main network," is the primary public blockchain network accessible for individuals to conduct transactions.

Transactions on the mainnet involve real financial values verified and recorded on the blockchain.

Some examples of mainnet coins we support include

1. Bitcoin (BTC)
2. Ethereum (ETH)
3. Polygon (MATIC)
4. Solana (SOL).
Testnet refers to an instance of a blockchain, such as Bitcoin, utilized for testing or development purposes.

When working with testnets, you interact with the blockchain, but your actions do not risk the loss of real funds.

Examples of testnets we support, along with their associated blockchains, include:
1. Mumbai (Polygon)
2. Sepolia (Ethereum)
3. Shasta (Tron)
4. DevNet (Solana)

Testnet Faucets

To test a webhook for receiving transactions in a TEST environment, you will need to use a faucet to be able to get testnet tokens or coins.

Faucets provide tokens with no real money, specifically for testing purposes, eliminating the risk of using real money.

We have compiled a list of public faucets that you can utilize to receive tokens across multiple chains.

You can find the list here.


You can find the Bitpowr faucet here.

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