The Bitpowr Dev API has the following error codes

If you encounter issues while using Bitpowr’s API, this resource will help you understand and troubleshoot any errors you may encounter.

Common Error Codes

Error CodeMeaningDescription
400Bad RequestThe server could not understand the request due to malformed syntax.
401UnauthorizedYour API key is wrong.
403ForbiddenThe endpoint requested is hidden for administrators only.
404Not FoundThe specified endpoint could not be found.
405Method Not AllowedYou tried to access an endpoint using an invalid method.
406Not AcceptableYou requested a format that isn't JSON.
429Too Many RequestsYou're requesting too many endpoints! Slow down!
500Internal Server ErrorWe had a problem with our server. Try again later.
503Service UnavailableWe're temporarily offline for maintenance. Please try again later.

This detailed guide provides a comprehensive list of Bitpowr API-related error messages, including issues with authentication, authorization, resource constraints, and more.

Authentication and Authorization Errors:

Error MessageDescription
MISSING_AUTH_HEADERSpecific auth header is missing, ensure you pass the right header params for access.
INVALID_AUTHORIZATIONInvalid Authorization. ensure you pass Bearer|Basic |apikey.
INVALID_AUTHORIZATION_METHODInvalid authorization method, try an authorized method to continue action.
INVALID_API_KEYThe invalid API key passed; ensure the correct API KEY to continue the action.
EXPIRED_API_KEYAccount API KEY is expired; kindly reach out to the team.
DISABLED_API_ACCESSAPI request has been disabled for your organization; kindly contact the team.
ACCOUNT_ACCESS_DENIEDYou don't have permission to access the account.
API_KEY_DEPRECATEDThe API key used is no longer supported. You can reset your API KEY on your dashboard.

Resource and Subscription Errors:

Error MessageDescription
RESOURCE_EXCEEDEDResource exceeded, reach out to the team to upgrade to a new plan or add addons.
NO_ACTIVE_SUBSCRIPTIONSubscription is not active. Kindly reach out to the team.
EXPIRED_SUBSCRIPTIONThe monthly commitment ended; kindly reach out to the team.

Organization and Account Errors:

Error MessageDescription
DEACTIVATED_ORGANIZATIONYour organization has been deactivated; kindly contact [email protected].
ORGANIZATION_NOT_FOUNDOrganization not found. please confirm the organizationId/api key again.
INVALID_ORGANIZATIONThe organization ID is invalid.
ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUNDThis account cannot be found. Please confirm the account again.
ACCOUNT_IS_FROZENThis action cannot be completed, account has been frozen.
ASSET_NOT_FOUNDThis asset cannot be found. Please confirm the asset details are correct.

Address and Transaction Errors:

Error MessageDescription
ADDRESS_NOT_FOUNDAddress not found. Ensure the address/account has already been created for the right asset.
INVALID_ASSET_TYPEThe asset type you entered is invalid; kindly check the supported assets in the selected environment and try again.
INVALID_ADDRESSGiven address is invalid
TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUNDThis transaction cannot be found. Please confirm the transaction and try again.

Miscellaneous Errors:

Error MessageDescription
INTERNAL_FETCH_ERRORAn error occurs while fetching data. Try again.
FAILEDWhen a request failed
DEPRECATEDWhen an endpoint is deprecated