What is Bitpowr

Think AWS for crypto. Bitpowr is a modular ecosystem of critical blockchain and web3 infrastructure for businesses to build blockchain powered solutions. It provides the infrastructure for businesses looking to build, launch, innovate and scale their blockchain products quickly with little cost.

Why use Bitpowr?

Bitpowr provides an ecosystem of scalable blockchain infrastructure for businesses to build and scale blockchain products fast and seamlessly. From crypto wallets to payment, to defi, settlement, stablecoins, tokenization and custodian services can be enabled on the secure Bitpowr platform.

One of Bitpowr's core solution; Wallet Infrastructure a complete institutional wallet and digital assets management solution, which is the fastest way for businesses to manage crypto wallets and crypto assets across multiple blockchains.

It provides a turn key solution that lets you create and manage crypto wallets, generate multiple addresses, manage and secure digital assets across multiple blockchains.

With Bitpowr Wallet Infrastructure API, fintechs, exchanges, payment gateways can send, receive and manage crypto currencies fast and securely with little to no setup.

Whether you are an exchange, payment gateway, crypto wallets, fintech, hedge fund, or a developer looking to build web3 products - Bitpowr will make your blockchain integration easier, faster and cost effective.

The video below explains more in-depth what Bitpowr is and how it helps your project.


  • The docs assume that you have some programming knowledge.
  • The docs are a work in progress and receive regular updates.
  • If you find something unclear in the docs or have suggestions let us know by making an edit.
  • If you find a bug in the Bitpowr API dashboard, please report it in this Gitlab repo, along with a detailed description and steps to reproduce the issue. For technical questions, or if you need help with your code, please chat us up in the Bitpowr Telegram community channel, and our customer engineering team will help out.


The documentation assumes that you have some type of knowledge of JavaScript, working with Javascript basics such as objects, JSON, Api Requests, and some Web3 development. See the Prerequisites page for more details.