Let's get you started working with Bitpowr Developer API

Welcome to the Bitpowr Documentation.

Bitpowr API provides robust set of APIs that can be used to build great digital assets enabled products.

In the Bitpowr Documentation, you'll find all the necessary resources to start integrating Bitpowr API into your product or applications.

With the Bitpowr API, you can:

  1. Generate and manage secure digital assets wallet at scale
  2. Derive and monitor up to 2^31 wallet addresses
  3. Create, sign and approve transactions
  4. Deploy, mint, burn and transfer digital assets tokens
  5. Stake and unstake on the TRON blockchain
  6. Deploy and manage smart contract
  7. Get accounts, assets, addresses, transactions and market data

This document will help you learn about our platform and best practices to integrate it into your product. It will also help in setting up both LIVE and TEST mode environment in development.