Create Transaction Estimate

The /transactions/estimate endpoint roughly calculates the cost of a transaction before it is executed. It evaluates the fees required for the transaction.

This guide will walk you through the necessary parameters, their descriptions, and how to obtain them.

Before You Begin:

  • Get a Bearer Token: You'll need this for authentication. Check Bitpowr's documentation for details
  • Have a Bitpowr Account: Sign up for an account if you haven't already.
  • Find Your Wallet ID: Locate your wallet ID within your Bitpowr account (This is only for the Super admin and admin who can access wallet info).๐Ÿ“˜


accountIdstringRequired (If SubAccountId/assetId is absent)This is the UID of the account from which you are trying to estimate the transaction.Fetch from the accounts endpoint.
subAccountIdstringRequired (If accountId/assetId is absent)This is the UID of the sub-account from which you are trying to estimate the transaction.Fetch from the sub-accounts endpoint.
assetIdstringRequired (If accountId/SubAccountId is absent)This is the UID of the asset you want to create the transaction for.Fetch from the assets endpoint.
chainstringRequiredThis specifies the blockchain network you want to estimate (e.g., BITCOIN, BITCOINCASH, LITECOIN, POLYGON, BSC, ETHEREUM).Based on the asset being transacted. You can find a full list of supported chains here
tokenstringRequiredThis is the crypto token you want to estimate (e.g., USDC, USDT, USDC_MATIC, USDT_MATIC, USDC_BSC).Based on the asset and chain being transacted.
operationstringOptionalThis is the custom operation for sending transactions. Defaults to "transfer" for all transactions except Stellar, which uses "payment" for existing accounts and "create_account" for new accounts. Supported operations include transfer, transferFrom, approve, change_trust, payment, create_account.
fromarray of stringsOptionalThis is the crypto address(es) you're sending from.Specified by the user.
fromUtxoarray of objectsOptionalThe UTXO (Unspent Transaction Outputs) to spend from when sending transactions.Fetch from the UTXO endpoint.
tosarray of objectsRequiredThe crypto address(es) you're sending to and the value.Specified by the user.
feeAddressstringOptionalAddress to use for paying transaction fees. Available only on EVM/TVM transactions after the approved transaction has been created. Supported natively by Solana and Stellar (Fee Bump Transactions).
spenderstringOptionalAddress you want to approve to spend from the address you specify in the fromAddress.Specified by the user.

Example Request Body

Below is an example request body to get the estimate of a transaction on the TRON blockchain using the TRON token.

This example includes the essential parameters such as the blockchain network (chain), the token being used (token), the account ID (accountId), and the recipient details (tos), including the address and the amount to be sent.

  "chain": "TRON",
  "token": "TRON",
  "accountId": "d2acaff2-554d-4a7e-8c60-a3f8105c9f32",
  "tos": [
      "address": "TH3Svsj96ktiARDEE4mPybypoFaugXbjLG",
      "value": "0.001"

By following this guide, you should be able to create transaction estimates efficiently and understand the parameters involved. For more detailed information, refer to the Bitpowr API documentation.

API Reference

You can view the API reference for interacting with Accounts.