Learn how to create, and manage your crypto addresses with Bitpowr API.


An address represents a unique entity that aids the movement of crypto from one wallet to another.
It varies based on the blockchain networks involved, e.g, Ethereum, Binance, Tron etc.


  • You can create a whitelisted address.
  • You can retrieve details of a sub-account.
  • You can create an address.
  • You can retrieve the balance at an address.
  • You can list or retrieve the transaction history that occurs in an address.
  • You can retrieve the asset of an address.
  • You can retrieve the details contained in an address

API Objects

  "status": "success",
  "data": {
    "uid": "e912110f-2cba-4bf7-b063-e93ddf428722",
    "address": "n3TdwXSubjAKoJTaBuVrun8hcpusPt4sq4",
    "addressRef": "wccUkWHsK7",
    "autoForwardAddress": null,
    "network": "TESTNET",
    "assetType": "BTC",
    "isChangeAddress": false,
    "isContract": false,
    "chain": "BITCOIN",
    "assetId": "a2888c03-e412-4e30-aa22-dfd7eb23c6a6",
    "organizationId": "93d65302-f671-4ec6-9c55-f2b0af3bc874",
    "subAccountId": null,
    "used": false,
    "lastUsedAt": null,
    "createdAt": "2022-03-11T01:42:06.761Z"

Address Fields

statusStringA string that describes the state of the request.
dataArrayThis is an array of objects which contains every address data.
data.uidStringA unique identifier tied to this particular address.
data.addressStringA unique identifier of the address.
data.addressRefStringAn alpha numeric string assigned to an address for tracking purposes.
data.autoForwardAddressStringThis checks if the address has be auto-forwarded.
data.networkStringThis refers to the type of network. It could be MAINNET, TESTNET`, etc.
data.assetsTypeStringThis refers to the type of crypto asset the address is associated.
data.isChangeAddressBooleanThis checks if the address has previously been changed.
data.isContractBooleanThis checks is the address is a contract address or an address of an asset.
data.chainStringThis refers to the type of blockchain. Eg, Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, etc.
data.assetIdStringA unique identifier of the assets.
data.OrganizationIdStringA unique identifier of the organization.
data.subaccountIdStringA unique identifier of a sub-account.
data.usedBooleanThis checks whether the address have been used previously in a transaction.
data.lastUsedStringA generated timestamp that shows when last the address was used.
data.createdAtStringA generated timestamp at address creation

Address Methods

Our Address resource provides you with detailed address information, such as being able to create an address, list details in an address, create sub-addresses, and retrieve the balance and transaction history in an address.

We offer the following methods when it comes to interacting with the Address API:

Create WhiteList AddressPOSTThis can help you create a whitelist address.
Retrieve Sub-AccountsGETThis can help you list the details in all sub-accounts in an address.
Create AddressPOSTThis helps create an address.
Get Address TransactionGETRetrieve the transaction of an address using this endpoint.
Get Balance of an AddressGETlist or retrieve the balance of an address.
Filter Address by AssetsGETGet the details of a specific address, using the assetsId.
List AddressGETRetrieve the details of a specific address, using the addressId.
Get all AddressesGETRetrieve all of the information in all addresses connected.