Pagination allows you to retrieve data in manageable chunks, controlling the number of records you receive per request.

All endpoints whose responses are a list are displayed as paginated results by default.

Query Parameters

pageintegerSpecifies the page number you want to view.
perPageintegerDetermines the number of records per page (default 10)
orderBystringSpecifies the order in which you want your records displayed. Options include 'asc' (ascending) and 'desc' (descending).

Response Headers

When making requests to paginated endpoints, we send the following response headers:

pageIndicates the current active page of results.
totalPageSpecifies the total number of pages available in the paginated result set.

Note: We make the best effort to respect the specified perPage value, but occasionally, you may receive fewer or more records than requested.


Let's say you want to retrieve records from a Bitpowr endpoint:

GET /API/endpoint?perPage=2page=1&orderBy=asc

This request fetches the first page of results, with two records per page, ordered in ascending order.