What is Bitpowr

What is Bitpowr

Think AWS for digital assets.

Bitpowr is a digital assets and custody infrastructure for enterprise businesses to manage digital assets operations and build financial products on the blockchain. We provide the critical blockchain infrastructure for fintechs and digital assets businesses to build, launch, innovate and scale financial products quickly with little cost on the blockchain.

Why use Bitpowr?

Bitpowr provides an ecosystem of scalable blockchain solutions to build blockchain-based financial products and securely manage digital assets operations.

We utilized advanced security and cryptographic techniques with Multi-Party Computation (MPC) at its core to ensure the utmost security and protection of digital assets.

Bitpowr platform is comprises on six components:

  1. Wallet Infrastructure (Wallet as a Service): Bitpowr offers a comprehensive Wallet Infrastructure that allows businesses and developers to easily integrate secure and user-friendly digital asset wallets into their applications or platforms. With Bitpowr's Wallet as a Service, customers can create, manage, and securely store various cryptocurrencies and digital assets, providing their users with seamless access to the world of blockchain-based finance. It utilizes BIP44 Multi HD derivation at its core to derive up to 2^31 addresses with support for EDSA, ECDSA and ED25119 primitives.
  2. Custody Infrastructure: By leveraging advanced security measures with Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology at its core, Bitpowr provides a robust and decentralized custody solution that minimizes the risk of unauthorized access or asset loss. This infrastructure caters to custodians, asset managers, and businesses seeking a trusted and reliable custody service for their digital assets.
  3. Assets and Treasury Management: Bitpowr's Assets and Treasury Management platform offers businesses and institutions the tools they need to efficiently manage their digital asset portfolios. With features such as portfolio tracking and automated asset allocation, Bitpowr empowers users to make informed financial decisions and optimize their digital asset holdings.
  4. Tokenization Engine: Tokenization engine enables the creation and management of digital tokens, representing real-world assets or new digital assets. This engine leverages blockchain technology to facilitate the seamless issuance, transfer, and tracking of tokens, unlocking new opportunities for asset tokenization and enabling fractional ownership and liquidity for traditionally illiquid assets. It provides easy to use API to deploy, mint and burn custom digital assets with smart contract logic.
  5. Compliance Engine: To address regulatory requirements and ensure compliance with global financial standards, Bitpowr's Compliance Engine performs real-time Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Transaction (KYT) checks on digital asset transactions. This engine helps businesses and financial institutions to identify and prevent fraudulent activities, ensuring a secure and trusted financial ecosystem.
  6. Payment & Settlement Engine: It facilitates efficient and secure payment processing and settlement of digital assets. This engine enables on chain swaps, swift and low-cost cross-border transactions, reducing settlement times and improving overall transactional efficiency. Businesses can leverage this engine to offer seamless payment solutions and streamline their financial operations.

Whether you are a Crypto exchange, Bank, Neobank, Payment Gateway, OTC desk or a developer looking to build digital assets enabled product - Bitpowr provides an all in one platform to suite your business needs.

The video below explains more in-depth what Bitpowr is and how it helps your project.


  • The docs assume that you have some programming knowledge.
  • The docs are a work in progress and receive regular updates.
  • If you find something unclear in the docs or have suggestions let us know by making an edit.
  • If you find a bug in the Bitpowr API dashboard, please report it in this Gitlab repo, along with a detailed description and steps to reproduce the issue. For technical questions, or if you need help with your code, please chat us up in the Bitpowr Telegram community channel, and our customer engineering team will help out.


The documentation assumes that you have some type of knowledge of JavaScript, working with Javascript basics such as objects, JSON, Api Requests, and some Web3 development. See the Prerequisites page for more details.